what category are we on right now? weekly gigs gurl!

Monday Shows

Broadway Mondays – Hardware w/ Paige Turner, Sutton Lee Seymour and Cacophony Daniels – 7PM-2AM, showtime at 10PM

House Down Boots – Playhouse w/ Brenda Dharling – 8PM-late

Queen 4 Queen – Pieces w/ MoMo Shade, Kandy Muse, Janelle No5 or other members of the Haus of Aja, 8-10PM, shows at 9

Marquee Mondays – Rebar Chelsea w/ Sherry Pie and Alexis Michelle – 9PM-late

Drag Wars – Pieces w/ Shequida and contestants – 10PM-4AM

Meshy Monday Karaoke – The Rosemont w/ Le Petit DumDum – 10PM-4AM

Stage Fright – Therapy w/ Marti Gould Cummings – 10PM-2AM

Magical Mondays – Icon Astoria w/ Boudoir LeFleur or guest hosts – 10pm-late

Messy Mondays – Rise Bar w/ Jasmine Rice and Pissi Myles- 10PM-2AM, showtime at 11PM

WERK – Ritz Bar w/ various queens – 11PM-2AM, show at 12AM

Shows – Industry w/ Tina Burner and guests – 11PM-2AM

Mondays on Mondays – Macri Park w/ Ruby Roo and Shiny Penny – 11PM-4AM

Off The Hook – Barracuda w/ Lagoona Bloo – 12-2AM

Tuesday Shows

Rageaholics – Macri Park w/ Theda Hammel – 7-10PM

Dollhouse – Playhouse Bar w/ Kiki Ball-Change, Selma Nilla and Marti Gould Cummings – 8PM-10PM

The Brita Filter Show: Anything But Pure – Hardware w/ Brita Filter – 8-11PM

Rice and Bingo – Albatross Bar w/ Flower Tortilla – 9-11PM

I’m Sorry I’ve Been Drinking! – Macri Park with Misty & Mocha – 10PM-1AM

Moore LeFleur – Pieces Bar w/ Boudoir Lefleur & Kimmi Moore – 8PM-2AM

Karaoke – Rockbar w/ Flippe Kikee – 9PM-12AM

Bad Request Live – Froilan Cafe Lounge w/ Ruby Fox – 9PM

Reparations – Barracuda w/ Bearded Queen, 10PM-2AM, show at 11

Cut Throat Karaoke – Rise Bar w/ Paige Turner – 10:30PM-1:30AM

Spotlight – A Weekly Drag Extravaganza – Vodka Soda/Bottoms Up w/ Ritzy Bitz – 10:30PM-12:30AM

Time Out Tuesdays – Playhouse Bar w/ Ruby Roo, Vix and Skye Walker – 11PM-late

Bad Drag Queen – Industry w/ Holly Box Springs – 11PM-2AM Show and Contest

You Tried It – Therapy w/ Jan Sport – 11PM-2AM

Drag Swap – Hardware w/ Pixie Aventura – 11PM-2AM

Wednesday Shows

The Petra Fried Show – Rockbar w/ Petra Fried – 7-8PM

Busted Wednesdays – Pieces Bar w/ Busted – 8-10PM

Wednesday Nights at Rockbar – The White Elephant Burlesque Society – 8-11PM

Alotta Trivia – Metropolitan w/ Alotta McGriddles – 9-11PM

Wet & Wild Wednesdays – The West End w/ Lagoona Bloo – 9-11PM

Karaoke – Vodka Soda/Bottoms Up w/ Ally Ganza – 10PM-late

Holly and Her Dollies – The Monster w/ Holly Dae – 10PM-4AM

In Living Color – The Gradient BK w/ Junior Mintt – 10PM-late

Gay 4 Play – Playhouse Bar w/ Rify Royalty – 10PM-late

Snatched! Wednesday – Pieces w/ Izzy Uncut and Miss Ogeny – 10:30PM-12:30AM

Woman Crush Wednesdays – Hardware w/ DD Fuego, Lemon and Allegra Valentine – 10:30PM-2AM

Backstage – Industry Bar w/ Rosé and Jan Sport – 11PM

Oops! – The Rosemont w/ Crystal Mesh, West Dakota, and more – 10PM-4AM, shows at 11:30PM and 1:30AM

Hauxin Around – The Duplex w/ Heidi Haux – 11PM-late

Cakes – Metropolitan w/ Elizabeth James and Unititled Queen – 11PM-4AM

The Help – Therapy w/ Kizha Carr and Pixie Aventura – 11PM-1AM

Gurlesque – Barracuda w/ Tina Burner, Jasmine Rice and more – 11PM-2AM

LEGEND Wednesdays – Rise Bar w/ Marti Gould Cummings. Bootsie Lefaris and Brenda Dharling w/ guests – 11PM-late

Thursday Shows

Dragathon – Rockbar w/ different queens – 6-11PM

Jasmine LIVE – Pieces w/ Jasmine Rice and Holly Box-Springs or Ragamuffin – 8PM-10PM

Smokin’ Karaoke Thursday – Suite Bar w/ Jacqueline Dupree – 9:30PM-12AM

Playhouse – Pieces w/ Pissi Myles – 11PM-12AM

QUEEN – Industry w/ different queens and themes each week – 10PM-2AM, shows at 12AM

Fuego – Playhouse Bar w/ Pixie Aventura – 10PM-late

Soaked Thursday – Therapy w/ Brita Filter, Lagoona Bloo and Rosé – 11PM-4AM

Ultimate Drag Pageant – The West End w/ competing queens and host Tina Burner – 11PM-late

Star Search – Barracuda w/ competing queens – 11PM-late

The Fat Lady Sings – The Duplex w/ Lauren O’rdair – 11:30PM-late

The Shequida Show – Hardware w/ NYC Legend Shequida and special guests – 11PM-2AM

Friday Shows

Fantasy – Hardware w/ Jasmine Rice Labeija and Izzy Uncut – 7-11PM

The Assassins – Playhouse Bar w/ Kimmi Moore and Boudoir LeFleur – 7-10PM

The Most – Macri Park w/ various queens – 7-8PM Open Bar, 8-10PM Show

Happiest Hour – Club Cumming (Eastern Bloc) w/ Daphne Alwayz – 8PM

Trading Spaces – Pieces with Yuhua Hamasaki – 8-10PM

Fabulous Fridays – ICON w/ Jan Sport – 9PM showtime, til late

PLAY – Playhouse w/ rotating queens including Kandy Muse – 10PM-late

Stonewall Divas – The Stonewall Inn w/ special guest performers ever other Friday – 11PM-2AM

Blackout Fridays – Suite Bar w/ Pattaya Hart and Brenda Dharling – 11:30PM – late

Flash (Me) Friday – Rebar w/ Kareem McJagger (every first Friday)

Frisky Fridays – Pieces w/ Ruby Roo and Guests – 9PM-4AM

Feud – Therapy w/ Jackie Cox and Sherrie Pie – 9PM

Saturday Shows

Had It! Happy Hour – Pieces w/ Ruby Roo & Vita Summers 4-6PM

Skinny Brunch – Hardware w/  Tina Burner – 4-9PM with show starting at7PM

Shenanigans – Playhouse Bar w/ Izzy Uncut, Pissi Myles, and Jacklynn Hyde 7-9PM

Drag Matinee – Albatross w/ Rotating Queens – 8-10PM

Sinful Saturday – Pieces w/ Bootsie Lefaris & guests – 10PM-12AM

Metro*Sensual – Metropolitan w/ guest shows – 10PM-late

Funhouse – Playhouse Bar w/ Brita Filter and Jasmine Rice – 10PM-late

Slayed Saturdays – ICON w/ Ro & guests – 10PM-late, show at 12AM

Slay Saturdays – Hardware w/ Ruby Roo & Lagoona Bloo, 10PM-2AM, pop up shows all night

Sutton Lee Seymour at Albatross – Albatross w/ Sutton Lee Seymour and guests – 11PM-2AM

Celebration Saturday – Suite Bar w/ Octavia Anyae – 11:30PM-late

Manster – Monster Bar w/ different queens each week, shows at 12 and 2AM

Pop My Cherry – Macri Park w/ Merry Cherrie and guests – 12-late

Sunday Shows

Drag Brunch – Intermezzo w/ Various Queens – 12PM

Drag Brunch – District Social w/ Jasmine Rice & Either Carmen Sidemi – 1PM

Drag Brunch – Therapy w/ Khiza Karr, Jan Sport & Jackie Cox – 12PM or 3PM

Drag Brunch @ Haskwell Green – La Pulperia w/ Ritzy Bitz & guests – seatings at 12 & 2PM

Voss Events Drag Brunch – Highline Ballroom w/ rotating queens – 12 and 2:30PM 

Skinny Brunch – Hardware w/ Jasmine Rice and Brita Filter – 3-8PM, Showtime 7PM

Shequida’s Drink and Drag – Playhouse Bar w/ Shequida and Bootsie Lefaris – 3-7PM

Blasphamy & Bingo – Ritz Bar w/ Miss Sherry Pie – 4-8PM

Balls to the Wall Bingo – Pieces w/ Marti Cummings – 5-8PM

Holly’s Hoedown! – Atlas Social Club w/ Holly Dae – 6PM-late

Sunday Smackdown – Stonewall Inn w/ different queens each week – 7-10PM, showtime at 8PM

Showtunes… In The City – Playhouse Bar w/ Bubbles D’Boob – 7-9PM

Tammy Spanx – Barracuda w/ Tammy Spanx – 10PM-12AM

Sundays Slurp – Therapy w/ Paige Turner – 10PM-1AM

Look Queen – Playhouse Bar w/ Sherrie Pie and more – 10PM-late

Stonewall Invasion – Stonewall Inn w/ a different queen every week – 10PM-4AM, showtime at 11PM

Turn It On! – Hardware w/ Izzy Uncut and Rosé – 10-11:30PM

The Late Late Show – Hardware w/ Marti Gould Cummings – 11PM-2AM

1999! – Industry w/ Kizha Carr – 12-2AM

Pixie’s Big Advanture – Barracuda w/ Pixie Aventura – 12-3AM

I‘m Still Here – The Duplex w/ Ruby Roo – 12AM-late