welcome squirrel friend!

It’s NEW YORK DRAG henny! Welcome to the blog part of this new aggregate of drag shows, performances, brunches and cabarets in the greater New York area – 


Here’s the story of how this came about – I moved to New York just about two months ago, and fell in love with the varied, exciting, creative and exploratory drag scene. I’ve watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race since season two (as a little gay boy from Arizona), but it was at Sasha Velour’s Nightgowns where I saw the vast variety and impact drag could have! But then when I was trying to figure out which bars had shows which nights… it was a major struggle.


The bars’ social media isn’t very well maintained, so I thought – if I, an avid drag fan, can’t even find information, how will others? So I put the effort in and am trying my best to do the ground work for you – so all you have to do is pick the show you wanna see!


Drag on folks!